We are excited for our first Happy Hangover Competition! If you are interested in submitting an entry to WIN A PRIZE, please read the information below for contest rules and requirements.


Your worst Hangover experience, as well as the extreme contrast once you Shake, Drink and experience Happy Hangover. There is no specific layout for your video entry. It’s entirely up to you! Get creative! Essentially your video should capture your experience.


  • You must be 21 or older
  • The footage must have been filmed by you.
  • Please make sure your video is appropriate. Inappropriate footage will not be allowed and will negate your entry.
  • Please do not use any music with explicit lyrics or connotations.


There will be prizes for the top three videos with the most votes. Happy Hangover will also choose a video that blows us away, which will also win a special prize.

1st PRIZE $10 000 Value
2nd PRIZE $2 000 Value
3rd PRIZE $500 Value

Winners will be announced on social media page and will be notified directly via email.


  • Videos may be used by Happy Hangover  for promotion of our products (ie- on social media, in presentations, etc.) By submitting a video entry to Happy Hangover Video Competition you officially give Happy Hangover permission to use your video for promotional purposes.
  • Before you edit your video, please make sure you check the song is not blocked for personal use by entering the song info here – www.youtube.com/music_policies
  • Once you have edited your video, please export into a high quality MP4 file and upload below.

We’re excited to see what you create and hope you enjoying making your video as much as we will enjoy seeing your final product! If you have any questions, please contact John Livanos on info@happyhangover.fun

Good luck and we wish you a Happy Hangover!